PopScreen: Bookmarking Tool for Online Videos

popscreenPopScreen is a new bookmarking tool that is focused on online videos and live web shows. It is a quick and simple way to bookmark your favorite TV shows, movies, webcasts, news clips, music and viral videos from hundreds of online sources. You can simply stash your online show in PopScreen and view them all in one place.

There is already quite a number of bookmarking tools and services out there that you can use to bookmark videos as well as web pages. If you are asking why one would need another bookmarking tool, the answers are quite simple – it will allow you to dump all your videos in one place to prevent your current bookmarking site from being congested and it lessens the time it takes to browse your favorite videos that are stored along with your other links. You can also get notifications in order to keep tabs on your favorite live shows when they go on air.

The service allows you to import 2000 videos from accounts on YouTube, Vimeo, Digg, Twitter and many others in just a few minutes. This way you won’t have to transfer them manually to your new PopScreen account. If you happen to receive emails containing links to videos from friends, you can simply forward them the emails and they will keep track of the videos for you.

PopScreen is a great new tool for those who love to keep track of online videos and live streams. It is simple yet powerful and a convenient way of cataloging your favorite online videos. If you want to separate viewing materials from your reading materials, sign up for an account and pop some videos.

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