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paste questionPasteQuestion is a website where you get to ask your coding related questions and hopefully get a reply or an answer. You can create an account and join the community of coders. Whether you are a new programmer looking for an answer or an expert coder who wants to share bits of knowledge to the community, PasteQuestion is a great site for learning new programming related stuff. All you need to do is paste or type your question on the input box and get it posted. Just remember to enclose your question inside a [code] [/code] tag.

PasteQuestion is also a great place to look for answers before you ask your questions. You can try searching for your question or problem first before posting your own. There’s a slight chance that might find your answer(s) on the questions previously posted by others. If your question is too unique and think that it has never been encountered by other coders, posting it on PasteQuestion will definitely help you and other members of the community as well.

Community sites like PasteQuestion are only as powerful as the people supporting them. Hopefully, experienced and new coders alike will support the community and provide precious help to each other. If you have a coding question that’s been driving you crazy for some time, checkout PasteQuestion and maybe you’ll get your answer there. Good Luck.

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