Oriango: A Dictionary Style Search Engine

Oriango is a community powered search engine. What makes it unique from existing search engines is that instead of displaying search results via page ranking, it displays them in alphabetical order. The search is performed only on the information added by the users, not showing irrelevant or external content.

With Oriango, you can perform searches, add and share web links, videos, blogs, social networking profiles and many others. The service is easy to use and have ample sharing capabilities. There is also a preview button that you can use to take a peek on a search result. A commenting system is also available so you can report unusual search results to the administrator.

Oriango is a new and interesting search engine. The way it displays its search results is something you don’t see everyday. The user generated content is pretty common but the alphabetical order of showing it is something else. It will take you just a couple of clicks to view a search result. You can filter results under a particular letter by simply clicking on the letter of your choice. You can also filter results by type of search: site, blog media, and profile.

Check out Oriango and you may submit your blog or content for free and without registration.

3 Comments on “Oriango: A Dictionary Style Search Engine

  1. @Beau71: When I added my blog and checked right away for a search result, I also thought that it didn’t work. Wait a few minutes or hours for your submission to be added in their database. Search results for Orangeinks can now be viewed in Oriango.

    @Walter: I’m sorry but I do not own veritablelife.com. You might have mistaken me for someone else. Anyway, thanks for the comment and do visit us again for more great stuff. 🙂

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