Opera X Alpha – Looking Great

opera-logoOpera just released an alpha version of Opera 10. According to the developers, the browser loads web pages 30 percent faster than the previous version. Opera X is equipped with Presto 2.2, the newest rendering engine for the browser. It is said to provide significant improvements in speed, performance and security.

The newest version will also provide an inline spell-check feature. This omits the need to install spell check plugins for spell correction purposes. Opera X also features automatic update. I have been using Opera for quite some time and every time there is an update, it’s quite annoying to get to download the newest release and install it all over again only to be asked if you want to install it separately or update your current browser.

Another interesting new feature of Opera X will give web developers/designers a new perspective in their designs. The Opera Presto 2.2 engine allows you to use Web Fonts and SVG font files on your Web pages. Now, your texts won’t have to look so plain all the time. Normally there are very few fonts that web developers can use for website designs. Once can use a unique font, but the problem is that no one really knows how it will load/look on other machines. If the user does not have that font installed on his/her machine, chances are that it will load the default font that the browser uses. The current work around for this is to use static images for Typographic font styles which slow down page loading and isn’t too “edit” friendly.


Other new features:

E-mail your way

Depending on your personality or mood, use full HTML formatting or just plain text in your e-mails. Either way Opera Mail has your back.

Opacity through RGBA and HSLA

Transparency is the new black. In Opera Presto 2.2 it is easier to make page elements transparent, with the addition of an alpha transparency argument to the RGB and HSL color models.

Opera Presto 2.1 already includes support for the CSS 3 opacity property, which allows you to easily set transparency on an element-for example div { opacity: .7; }.
Opera Dragonfly evolved

Opera Dragonfly is now even better for debugging Web sites, allowing you to edit the DOM and inspect HTTP headers.

Watch out for the Beta release for additional features of Opera X.

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  1. Hello Julia. Firefox and Opera are both great browsers. I like Firefox because of the enormous amount of plugins available which helps in giving me a better browsing experience. The only downside is that sometimes if the plugins are not chosen carefully, it can result to browser slowdown and crashes.

    Opera is known for its speed and crashes less than Firefox. If you don’t really use that much plugins and want a faster browser, I would suggest using Opera or Chrome. They consume less RAM which means that you can open more applications on your computer without slowing it down.

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