Nissan GT-R Disengages Speed Limiter When In a Racing Circuit.

The JDM (Japan Domestic Market) version of the Nissan GT-R has a speed limiter set to 180KM (111mph).  This limiter automatically disengages whenever the car is on a racing circuit. This feature is managed through a communication between the car’s GPS and the ECU. Now how cool is that?


There have been reports that the GT-R US version will also possess the limiter but to a higher speed of 250KM (156mph). The downside is there is no communication between the GPS and the ECU. This will become such a drag for those aiming to go really fast with their GT-R.

Cracking the ECU to cut the limiter seems the only way to make the US GT-R faster. But Nissan said that only a handful of people in this world can crack the ECU of the GT-R. As for the Japanese models, maybe hacking the GPS and making the ECU think that it’s in a racing track might work. I guess it’s up to the aftermarket car modifiers to figure out how to unleash the full potential of the GT-R.

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  1. If someone made the ECU , someone else can hack it. Its not that big of a deal, and its already being worked on.

    The car is way underrated. People are seeing 480 wheel horsepower out of them, which is about 550 hp at the engine, when the engine rating is 480 hp. The biggest thing being they get slightly higher octane fuel in Japan.

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