NeatChat: Fastest and Easiest Way to Create a Chatroom

NeatChat is a simple browser based chat application. It allows you to create a chat room in just a couple of seconds. There is no signups necessary and there’s no need to download or install anything. All you need is your trusty browser and you can have a chat room ready in no time.

How it works:

Upon landing on NeatChat’s home page, you’ll be able to easily figure out what to do. Simply type in a chat nickname and click the Start Group button. That’s all there is to it actually. The chat session will start. You’ll see a special URL on the chat page which you will distribute to your friends so that they’ll get access to the chat session that you’ve created. When they access the URL that you’ve sent them, they’ll be able to enter the chat room and start conversing with everyone that you’ve invited. It couldn’t get any simpler than that.

Neat Chat provides you a clean, fast, and robust chat room. You can share files, send private messages, and change your status through an intuitive interface. If you are late to a chat session, you need not worry, Neat Chat allows you to access all the conversations that took place in your absence. Just be careful when talking about someone while he/she is still absent during the chat session.

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