MyMemory: Combines Machine Translation with Human Translation

mymemoryMyMemory is an online translator that utilizes the power of machine and human translators. It gives you quick access to a large number of translations originating from professional translators, LSPs, customers and multilingual web content. It uses a powerful matching algorithm to provide the best translations available for your source text. MyMemory currently contains 157.832.530 professionally translated segments.

It differs from traditional technologies in terms of the project’s ambitious scale, and its centralized, collaborative architecture. Anyone may consult or contribute to MyMemory via the internet, although contributions are carefully vetted for quality.

To enhance the archive, MyMemory crawls the web for bilingual documents, evaluates their quality, classifies them by subject and aligns them. MyMemory can also extract terminology and sentences automatically from bilingual web pages suggested by users for quick indexing.

If you are not satisfied with Google Translator and other translation sites, give MyMemory a try and gain access to the millions of translated date segments.

My Memory Translator

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