MyBikeNumber Lets You Register Your Bicycle Worldwide

MyBikeNumber is a free service that allows anyone to register his/her bicycle and bicycle components worldwide. Your registered bike gets a digital code that can be printed into stickers. The code can be read by mobile devices and you get to have your own page for your bike. The URL of your bike page can also be seen on the sticker for identification purposes.

How is this useful? If your bike gets stolen, other people can simply check for the serial numbers found on the body of the bike and/or other components to see if the bike is in correct possession. If the bike has a MyBikeNumber sticker in place, the code can easy be read by mobile devices to check the info behind the code. You can find out the real owner of the bike and its components through the service.

This site can track any bicycle from any country. It will help prevent bicycle theft and it’s a great way to showcase your bike and bike-parts online. The owner can easily change the possession status of his/her bike online. If the owner happens to have sold the bike, he/she can easily update the status to “The Bike Was Sold” or “The Bike Was Stolen” if it was taken without permission. This will give buyers of second hand parts added information on where the parts that are being sold to them really came from.

Take a few minutes of your time to register your bike and help prevent bicycle theft.

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