Live Feed of Images from The Best Camera iPhone App

the best cameraWhat is the best camera? The Best Camera is the One That’s With You. This is what The Best Camera celebrates, photography with any camera. As of now, they are focused on the iPhone. The website features a live feed of images taken by iPhones using The Best Camera App. Created by world-renowned photographer, Chase Jarvis, TBC is divided into a three part “ecosystem” – an iPhone app, a book and an online community.

The Best Camera Book provides inspiration in shooting with any camera and seeing the world around you. This the world’s first book made entirely with images shot on the iPhone.

The iPhone App allows you to shoot, edit and share your images.

The online community streams live feeds of iPhone images from around the world.

This is a great app and tool to express yourself through photos taken from your iPhone. It would be great if The Best Camera will support other camera and camera phones as well. Since it stands for celebrating photography taken with any camera and not everyone owns an iPhone, it should probably feature photos taken by different cameras.

the best camera live feed

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