Listiti: Get Email Alerts When a Keyword Appears on Twitter Lists

listitiListiti is a Twitter tool that you can use to receive notifications whenever a keyword appears in any Twitter Lists of your choice. You’ll get alerts whenever your brand, product, company, favorite sports team or any keyword of your choice appears in a Twitter List that you want to monitor.

The service’s idea is straight forward. Instead of monitoring Twitter all the time and getting alerts whenever someone tweets something, which by the ways consumes a lot of time especially if you are following thousands of Twitter users, you can get notifications whenever someone belonging to a Twitter List of your choice tweets about something that you are interested in.

To create an alert, simply enter the full name of the list you want to follow on the first text box. Place the keyword that interests you on the second and finally, your email on the third text box. A verification email will be sent your address to prevent others from creating alerts on your behalf. You will then receive hourly updates depending on the availability of your keyword(s) on the Twitter List that you entered.

You can create as many alerts as you wish. All you need to do is repeat the process all over again and you can get totally new alerts on other keywords you wish to track on other Twitter Lists. At the moment, there is no digest of the alert. As soon as someone tweets with the specified keyword in the specified list, an email is sent to you. Another thing is that you cannot make “OR” queries. You’ll have to create a separate alert in order to get alerts if you wish to monitor a particular keyword separately.

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