Kngine: Understanding the Meaning Behind Search

kngine logoKngine is a new semantic search engine and Question Answer Engine rolled into one to provide meaningful search results. Its aim is to give smart information by understanding the meaning behind a search query. There are a lot of words and expressions that have multiple-meanings. What Kngine is trying to do is discover such words and provide meaningful information about the referred concepts. It figures out what you’re actually looking for and return search results that it entirely related to your question or query.

Kngine can understand queries like: ‘Brad Bitt Movies, Microsoft Companies Acquired, Football Players, Movies, Museums, Walter Gropius works, Authors’ and provide list of concepts with photos. You can do comparisons between two or many things by simply using ordinary keyword combinations. For example, you can just search in a natural way like “iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3GS” or “Ukraine GDP vs Romania GDP.”

There are many search challenges that Kngine wants to address. Aside from being a semantic search engine, Kngine also wants to provide its users with answers to questions and not only provide search results that contain the keywords stated in a particular question query.

Kngine can’t answer any questions, but I work to enhance this ability by improve the question understanding algorithms, and collect and organize more systematic knowledge and experiences.

Kngine Features

• Perception words have multiple-meanings.

• Smart Information.

• Concept List (List of things).

• Answer your questions.

• Comparisons.

• Update Information (Weather, Stock, Currency Price, and Sport Matches Results).

• Link the data, and view direct data.

kngine search engine

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