Jolicloud: Alternative Operating System for Netbooks

Jolicloud needs no introduction to techies. For the lot of you who have not heard of Jolicloud, it’s not your traditional OS. It’s a new Linux-based operating system that is designed for Netbooks. It aims to make netbook users’ life easier. The best part of all is that it’s free.

What JoliCloud is all about:

They have mixed a super-optimized Linux* that makes the most of your netbook hardware, battery, graphics and connectivity with a cool interface that will make your life easier. Switching OS can be done in a snap and In less than 15 minutes of installation you will enjoy Jolicloud alongside your old Windows and all your data will be perfectly safe. Like in your main computer, you can take advantage and enjoy using a combination of your favorite web apps, packaged for a full screen experience and the most popular native apps.

JoliCloud overview:

No more install hassle. The best and most recent drivers are handpicked for you so everything just works: WiFi, sound, Bluetooth, 3G, screen size.

Jolicloud has been designed to make sure you can connect and collaborate efficiently, and easily share with your Facebook friends and other Joliclouders.

Keep your data locally but with the ability to save anything on the Cloud and control which services you want to use.

With Jolicloud, you are connected anytime, anywhere. They support hundreds of mobile operators, 3G modems, Bluetooth and WiFi.

All the usual suspects are available on Jolicloud: Firefox, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Boxee, Hulu, and many more.

From productivity apps to games, education and art, discover our hand-picked selection of application for your netbook.

No download required anymore, install any app in one click.

In Jolicloud, most native and web applications are available for free.

Jolicloud brings all the benefits of cloud computing today, making your netbook the natural extension of all your other computers and mobile devices.

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