Install Ubuntu Applications From Appnr

appnrAppnr is a web-based tool that allows you to install applications on Ubuntu. If you are an Ubuntu user, then you will definitely find it very handy. It’s a web interface for APT, and the package is downloaded and installed from Ubuntu/Third-Party repositories.

How to Install

You’ll need an AptURL protocol handler and a web browser support in order to install packages from Appnr. AptURL is a program that handles special URLs to installing package on APT-based Linux systems. Firefox on Ubuntu 7.10 or higher has AptURL installed by default. You can view the full tutorial here.

Appnr features several applications that are neatly categorized. Each application is rated and you can view the number of users who installed a particular application. The website is very handy and it saves a lot of time for Ubuntu users, especially the new users.


*There is also a site similar to this one which allows you to download tweaks for Mac/OS-X. Check out Secrets.

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