InstaFound: Searching Without Search Results

Instafound is a search engine aggregator with a twist. Instead of displaying search results from different search engines, it will simply take you to the site that matches your search query. It aims to help people avoid the normal time waster of searching through web pages browsing for the right site that you’re looking for.

The system works by taking content from popular search engines and social bookmarking sites. It combines those search results and InstaFound will give each page a score. The website or page that scores the most according to InstaFound’s algorithm will be displayed to the user instantly. Think of a normal search aggregator with an algorithm working in the background trying to figure out which page is more appropriate to the search query and gives you the one that scores the most.

If you’re thinking that this is similar to Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky feature, this is their explanation:

Google relies on their system working and nothing else. Insta is all about removing the luck and replacing it with knowledge. Our system uses advanced algorithms to detect what site to send you to. We take data from 10 sources and combine it. Because we’re so sure of our system we don’t even need to use a relevant image.

Watch the video demo below:

This is a search engine that only gives you a search “result.” If you want to keep it simple and avoid the trouble of browsing through pages of search results, head over to their site and give it a spin.

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