iMap Weather: Weather Forecast Meets Google Map

imap-weather-logoiMap Weather is an easy way to get weather forecasts and current conditions locally and everywhere. It utilizes Google Map to view radar and satellite images. You can even see real-time lightning strikes and get nautical information.

Aside from getting weather local weather forecasts upon landing on the iMap Page and viewing weather conditions on other places by turning on clickcast, you can also share different media using the social networking features of iMap Weather. You can share videos and photos of thunderstorms or give short updates about your life or local weather, share vacations, add friends and share saved iMaps.

The application is pretty useful. You can also get weather updates from other users. This is made possible by their “Jet Stream” feature. iMap Weather provides sophisticated weather data while providing social media services. The next time you think of getting weather updates online, check out iMap Weather.


4 Comments on “iMap Weather: Weather Forecast Meets Google Map

  1. You have great service there Chip Hanna. What I like about it is the availability of weather reports even on remote areas. That’s what’s missing from other services and you got it. 🙂

  2. not happy… how come all other weather services can give me service for Dayton, Texas. 77535. But you don’t even get close…

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