Image Exchange: An Alternative Image Host and Photo Sharing Service

image exchangeImage Exchange provides an alternative service for those who are looking for an image hosting site or photo sharing service. You can use the service in uploading small to medium sized images (up to 2MB in size). It’s a quick and easy way of sharing images without having to register for an account.

In order to share your image(s) through Image Exchange, simply upload your photo or image, enter some tags and provide a deletion code. Once you hit the upload button, you will be prompted to provide them with your email address. This is an entirely optional option that allows them to automatically email you the deletion code for your image.

Images will be stored in Image Exchange for a maximum of 12 months of non-access. This means that if your image(s) has not been viewed for a year, it will automatically be removed from their server.

Entering your email address is entirely optional. We only use it to send you your image address and deletion code. Once these have been sent, your email address is removed from our systems entirely. This is a fully automated process, so none of the staff at Image Exchange will ever be able to see it either.

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