Im In That: IMDB for YouTube Videos

iminthatIm In That is a service that helps user created video enthusiasts to let people know the story behind the videos that they created. It’s like an IMDB site for user created YouTube videos. People will be able to have quick access to their favorite videos and the people involved in them. It is also a gateway into discovering other projects that your favorite video producer is involved with.

Our goal is to help those who put the time into filming and uploading these videos to be able to let people know who they are, what they do and what other projects they’ve been involved in.

The site can also be considered as a valuable resource for video producers. They can simply use the site to discover the work of other creators and collaborate with them in creating new projects.

If you love creating videos and uploading them in YouTube, check out the site and let people know the stories behind your videos. It’s a great way to be noticed by other video enthusiasts and a great way to provide additional information for your fans.

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