IAmaPirate.Org: Find out if you are a Pirate

IamAPirate.org is a website that asks you a few questions, and if answered truthfully, will tell you if you are a Pirate of not. When we speak of pirates here, we don’t mean the “Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate.” This is about file sharing on the internet. Yes, that pirate kind of thing.

This simple tool was created by PirateParty UK. It is dubbed as the political party of the digital age. They represent the changes demanded by technology that governments and industries are resisting with all their might. Their primary objective is the reformation of copyright and patent laws to fit their purpose, and the privacy of the individual and freedom of speech to be upheld and protected.

If you support the cause of the group and believe that sharing stuff that you have already bought should be legal and reduce the excessive length of copyright protection, then answer the few questions and find out if you are truly a pirate in the eyes of media corporations. You can also share on Twitter if you are a pirate and that you are not ashamed to be one.

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