How to Reduce the File Size of a JPEG Image or Photo without Losing Quality and Decreasing Resolution

2-3 Terabytes of photos are being uploaded and shared per day on Facebook alone. You can imagine the amount of photos being shared each day on the internets. So, what does it have to do with compressing photos and reducing file size? Well, to name a few, you can get faster uploads of multiple photos, more drive space and reduction in bandwidth consumption for website owners and users alike.

To reduce the file size of your photos without losing quality, you’re going to need to use a web app called JPEGmini. It’s a recompression (because JPEG is already a compressed format) technology which significantly reduces the size of photographs without affecting their perceptual quality. With this tool, you’ll be able to reduce a JPEG photo for up to 5 times its normal file size. Talk about getting a photo file size diet.

JPEGmini was developed by ICVT, an Israeli startup company based in Tel-Aviv which is dedicated to optimizing media compression technologies. ICVT is lead by serial entrepreneurs and veterans of the Israeli technology industry, possessing an extensive experience in media compression and delivery technologies. ICVT’s goal is to improve the user experience and reduce the costs associated with storing and transmitting media files. We are committed to supporting standard media formats, in order to make our technologies accessible by any user, device or platform.

For now, you’re only allowed to “recompress” a photo at a time. The app does not support multiple photo recompression yet. So, if you really want you photos compressed, you’re gonna need to do it one at a time. The technology is really interesting. If you look at the jpeg sample, you couldn’t tell the difference between the original and JPEGmini photos.

The recompressor will work better on large images with large file sizes. You couldn’t really see the difference in file size if you try out a small photo.



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