Honda FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Hybrid

Honda announced the production of their newest green car at the LA Auto Show earlier today, the ZERO emission FCX Clarity.

The FCX Clarity is powered by an electric motor. Most of the cars that we drive today is probably powered by an engine. The difference between an electric motor is that it gets its energy from electricity, instead of from gasoline like most cars today.

The fuel cells in the FCX produce electricity that can be used as a clean alternative to gasoline. The fuel cell stack in the car converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity. In order to use this zero emission feature, you must have a Hydrogen refueling station near your area, but you’ll still be able to get the “gasoline-equivalent” mileage of 68 miles per gallon (29 kilometers per liter) combined city and highway.

A lithium ion battery provides storage for recaptured kinetic energy from the regenerative braking and returns it when needed for an extra power boost. This means that every time you go for the breaks, the energy transferred will return to the battery.


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