Hides: Hide URLs From Crawlers

Hides.at is a URL masking service that will allow you to hide URLs from crawlers. This is of great use if you are sharing download links on your website. Links to sites such as Rapid Share are regularly scanned by crawlers and deleted if detected. With Hides, you can make your links undetectable to crawlers.

To use the service, simply copy the full URL of the download page and paste it on Hides. You can hide more than one link. Just make sure that you include the http:// to the URL in order to properly mask them. Hides will fail to cloak your URLs if you start with just www. After clicking the “hide” button, Hides will generate a unique link for your collection of links.

This is a very useful tool if you are constantly sharing download links to your blog or website. It will protect your site from crawlers that auto deletes the links that you placed. Your links will become immune to auto deletion without your consent. You can now breathe easily without having to worry about your visitors complaining about the missing download links.

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