Hid.IM: Convert Torrent Files to PNG Image

hidimHid.im is a web application that converts your torrent files into a PNG image. The torrent gets embedded inside of a 24-bit long png image. You can use Hid.im to encode the torrent to an image and decode it back to the original torrent file.

The Image Format

  • The torrent is broken up into 3-byte segments, and each segment represents red,green, and blue channels and pixels.
  • The torrent is read upward and to the right
  • Each hidim is identified by the hidim key

A Firefox extension is available for easier conversion if you are using the browser. There is also a bookmarklet that you can use with other browsers which allows you to convert a hidim to a torrent and save it to your computer or storage media.

Hidim is a unique way of sharing your torrent files. You can save the png and post it anywhere. People can decode it, but it won’t turn up in searches for those torrents unless you provide the matching text.

hid torrent to png image

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