Google Reader Play: SlideShow the Web

Google recently released an interesting new way for you to browse the web. Branded as Google Reader Play, the new reader will allow you to browse the web, slide-show style, with some level of control. It displays a stream of video, images and text content. You can simply press the next button if you don’t like a particular item and share or star it if you do.

The service uses a somewhat similar algorithm as StumbleUpon, when it comes to recommending content. Google will keep track of the stuff that you star, like or share and they will show you similar content the next time you use Reader Play. In short, the more you use Reader Play, the more personalized your content gets.

This new version of Google reader seems to be formatted for TV viewing and with its passive approach on providing content, I wouldn’t be surprised if I see it on future televisions or if it gets included in future TV software updates.

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