Google Just Banned Ecocho on Earthday

Ecocho, is the earth friendly search engine which just made its debut just before Earth day and was featured here a couple of days ago. Now, it seemed that the green search engine was banned by Google from using their search service. What is ironic about this is that Google pulled the plug on Ecocho during Earth Day.

You may’ve noticed that your Google searches are suddently not working on the site. Unfortunately, Google has decided to stop Ecocho from using its search technology.

It would seem that they have broken the TOS of Google Adsense when it comes to clicking ads. Below is part of the statement made by Alex, Ecocho’s Web Producer:

Google told us via email that Ecocho is in breach of the Adsense terms and conditions. Specifically, Google says they do not permit sites that offer “non-monetary incentives to users to perform searches on (sic: or) click on ads”.

This is a major blow for Ecocho, since majority of the searches are made using Google. I think Google made the move because of their campaign slogan “You search we grow trees” which urges people to do the searches in their site in exchange for trees. You can check out their blog for the full article and user‘s responses regarding Ecocho’s problem with Google.

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