Google Image Swirl Finds Similar Images and Organizes them for You

google image swirlGoogle Image Swirl is an experimental feature of Google for image search. This new feature combines technology and visualization to organize image search results based on their visual and semantic similarities. They are presented in an intuitive explanatory interface.

This tool can easily resolve an ambiguous query visually. For example, if you do a search and used the keyword “Jaguar,” the results page may return images of a cat combined with images of a popular car brand. This is also true for the beetle and apple keywords. You can also explore a concept from different visual perspectives like viewing certain structures on different point of views in an organized manner.

What Google Image Swirl does is combine a variety of image similarity features with additional metadata about the images to build a hierarchy of clusters of image search results. This is pretty much the explanation on how it works. But it really looks and feels better when you’re trying it out for yourself rather than reading about it. The interface is very self explanatory and user friendly.

This tool/feature has a true potential to make Google image search better and a lot easier. Instead of browsing pages after pages of image search results, you can easily find what you are looking for by just viewing the top image on a particular cluster or group of images.

google swirl jaguar results

google image swirl jaguar

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