Google Chrome: New Updates, Steady Growth

Since the release of Google’s very own browser (Chrome), there were mixed reactions about the search engine giant’s attempt to take a market share in the browser business. Some thought that it’s just a copycat of the best features of its competitions and some thought that the browser is an improvement to the browser that they are currently using. If you’re using IE, any browser is an improvement if you ask me.

Now, Google seems to be speeding up the development of the browser. As of last week, Google released a bookmark manager for Chrome and improvements on its other features.

The bookmark manager appeared in Chrome, a less tested developer-oriented version released less than two weeks ago. Other new features include consolidated settings for privacy options, a rejiggered pop-up blocker, and security features, according to Program Manager Mark Larson in an e-mail announcement.

Aside from the frequent updates being made to Google Chrome its market growth is stable according to usage stats. It may be a slow but it’s a steady growth. Statistic reports of its growth may not bother the giants in the browser business at the moment, but it sure is worth keeping an eye for given its rise to the present position. You can see on the graph that Chrome is only a mere fraction short of Opera in terms of usage. Most of those users used to be IE (Internet Explorer) users.

4 Comments on “Google Chrome: New Updates, Steady Growth

  1. I have tried it and to be honnest I am not impressed… I don’t know, I the feeling it is too “simple”… the interface is pretty ugly… I think you would have to give a good reason to swap from Firefox to that.., especially because of privacy issues…

  2. Thanks for the feedback Roger. 🙂 I guess the ones the made the switch to Chrome are not Firefox users. It’s so hard to give up FF with all the wonderful add-ons/plugins available. I think the ones who shifted to Chrome are users who wants a simple browser that loads fast. As for the security/privacy issue, I agree with you. With Chrome running on Beta, it’s easy for them to get away with security faults. I use Chrome from time to time for testing and YouTube hehe.

  3. I’ve tried Google Chrome and I was very impressed by it. But I still removed it, for one reason only. The automatic updater that was not configurable and kept attacking my firewall and locking up my computer. An application without configurable updater doesn’t last long on my pc 🙂
    I should give Chrome a new try to see if they fixed it.

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