Google’s Ad Scroll Interface Reinvented

For the past few weeks Google have been testing their scrolling ad interface. Random appearances of the scroll button have been reported on other blogs. The main concern for the ad interface is they look unattractive. xxrg comments on the interface:

Perhaps they’ll get the buttons right in the next couple weeks or enable users to choose from a set of buttons that don’t look like an idea that was just thrown together. xxrg really likes this new idea and isn’t too disappointed by the boring arrows because Google is known for not focusing on UI.


When I first saw the ad appeared I thought a have made an error on the code in my site and was wondering what that was. After reading XXRG’s post and saw the button again it was different from before. Google changed the buttons and made it look a little more discrete compared to the old one. Tried it out myself and I have to admit its looks good and it is indeed a great idea for Google to place scroll buttons on their ads. If the user is really interested in the related ads, he/she can browse more ads on sites that use smaller ad units.


With reports coming out that online ad spending growth is too slow, maybe this is big G’s way of promoting itself to advertisers or maybe they just want an upgrade of the old interface. Whatever the reason for placing the scroll buttons is totally irrelevant for me. It will benefit Google with more clients and more productivity, the Advertisers with more exposure, and the Publishers with more possible clicks.

Credits to xxrg for the previous Google Ad Scroll Interface Image.

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