Goldminer: Radiology Image Search Engine

Goldminer is a search engine that indexes and provides instant access to Radiology images published in select radiology journals. The ARRS Goldminer understands medical vocabulary. It recognizes medical abbreviations, synonyms and kinds of diseases. It uses techniques from the U.S. National Library of Medicine to discover medical concepts in free-text figure captions and utilizes that information to quickly retrieve relevant images.

This is a great research tool for doctors and medical students. A filtering tool can also be utilized by the user to filter out the results by imaging modality (e.g., “MRI”), age, and/or sex. The indexed images come in high resolution and provide technical information about the data found in the radiology images (see below). Instead of bookmarking and remembering different medical journals published on different websites, doctors and students can easily make a search from GoldMiner and get a list of results of the materials they are looking for. What is even better is that the indexed results are pre selected by professionals and experts in the field.

Sample Image: Click for High Quality

Fig 1. A, Regions of interest were placed in the spectroscopic matrix on T2-weighted images (2720/126; 256 x 256 matrix; field of view, 230 x 230 mm; section thickness, 6 mm) in the tumor center (TC), the border of the tumor (TB), the normal-appearing white matter adjacent to the tumor (TNWM), and in the white matter of the contralateral hemisphere (NWMC).

A Beta version of the service called GoldMiner Global is also available which makes GoldMiner available in eleven (11) different languages.

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