FuelMyApp: Get Free Premium iPhone Apps by Giving Honest Reviews

FuelMyAppFuelMyApp is a startup that gives users the opportunity to get their hands on paid apps for free. This can be done by providing truthful reviews for the applications featured on FuelMyApp. You can browse the site for applications, buy them first, give an honest review and get your money back.

You’ll need to have an iTunes nickname and a Paypal account before you start using FuelMyApp. The iTunes nickname is important for your reviews and the Paypal account will be used by FuelMyApp to refund the money that you have spent buying the application your will be testing. Buying the app upfront and getting the refund after the review must be done to stop spammers. So make sure that the app you choose is something that you find interesting so not to waste your time.

Once you have tested or played with App, long enough to make an informed review of it, go to iTunes (or click on the app in your account on FuelMyApp) and review the App – the review must be in iTunes – there is nowhere to make a review on FuelMyApp. Itunes can take up to 24 hours to publish a review in their stores, the second that review goes *live* you will be instantly paid the value of that app back to your Paypal account.

Developers can take advantage of the service to raise the profile of their new iPhone application. They can get reviews from early users online, social networking enthusiasts and bloggers from around the world. The truthful reviews will definitely help the developer in improving their applications on future version upgrades. It will also help them in marketing the application if the reviews are positive.

The next time you want to get an app for free, look for it in FuelMyApp, test and play with it, and get your cash back after a review. You won’t have to spend too much money on an iPhone app through this service. All it takes is sharing your thoughts about the application that you find interesting.

FuelMyApp iPhone App Reviews

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