Foonz: Free Group and Conference Calls

foonzFoonz is an easy way to make a group call from any phone. The service is absolutely free. Only your normal phone use minutes apply and will not charge you a dime more for using it.

You get to send invites to your friends through IM messages, text messages or email. The group call can be scheduled to make sure everyone on the group is free to make the call. You can also use the service to leave messages to a group. The invited people will be sent with a message containing the number to call. When they call in, foonz will link you all together. You can even leave a message for anyone who couldn’t make the call and they will get a note from Foonz to dial in and get your message.

This is one great way to get in touch with a whole group of people in one simple call. You don’t need to call each one to send your voice message. They don’t have to go online just to setup an IM voice conference. They can join the conference instantly using their mobile phones.

Foonz will work with any phone, but a mobile phone is the best for two important reasons. One – since only you use it, when you call in with a mobile phone we can log you in automatically! Two – we can send TXT message invitations to you on your mobile phone when you are invited to group calls by others!

International Callers FAQ:

Can callers from outside the US use Foonz?

Yes. Anyone, anywhere can set up a foonz account, call the foonz number and start a group call. However, text message invitations to the group call only currently go out to mobile phones within the US.

Foonz Mute Modes
• Conversation mode — everyone in the group can hear everyone else
• Presentation mode — everyone in the group is muted except the owner
• QA mode — everyone in the group is muted except the owner. However, anyone can unmute and remute themselves by pressing 4.


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