Flickr Launches Video Service for Pro Users

Flickr just launched a video service that has a limit of 90 seconds (as of now) and 150MB in size per video upload. This new feature of Flickr accepts AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG (1, 2 and 4) and 3gp video uploads and will only allow videos that are originally created by the owner. Users will have to think twice in uploading videos taken from copyrighted materials. They even recommended getting music from Creative Commons along with ccMixter for the soundtracks. This will prevent users from getting in trouble for copyright infringement.

The videos can be viewed in Flickr alongside the user’s (uploader) photos and can also be searched the same way. A viewer can play the videos in thumbnail (new) and full size and can share them like other videos out there. The slideshow also works for videos but you can’t play it yet from within the slideshow.

One might think that this is a service mimicking YouTube. That might be true if the Flickr video service is isn’t only available for Pro users. Yes, regular users with free accounts can’t upload videos and you have to pay $25 per year to become a pro user. This is a great, new and unique service which enhances the Flickr experience, but it is not for everyone. Video junkies who wants a free service and longer videos, there is always YouTube.

2 Comments on “Flickr Launches Video Service for Pro Users

  1. Oh this is exciting since I am a pro user and I really don’t like uploading stuff to youtube so this is perfect.

    Can anyone view it though other than other Pro people? Silly question I know. 🙂

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