FindThatFile: A File Search Engine

findthat fileFindThatFile has a mission – to provide the most comprehensive file search on the internet encompassing Web, FTP, Usenet, Metalink, P2P resources including 43 file types and more than 347 file extensions including 83 file upload services such as RapidShare.

The search engine tries to search as deeply as possible in order to identify relevant file types. It uses search algorithms that index properties, Meta data, extracts and more.

You can use Find That File to search for Audio, Video, Bittorrent, Compressed Files, Documents, Fonts, Installable Software (Linux, Mac,Windows) and System Components such as DLL or OCX files. You can also filter your search by just ticking and selecting the file type that you are looking for.

There are several file search engine that is available out there but most of them are only focused on certain file types. If you are looking for a file search engine with a broader coverage, try out Find That File.

find that file internet file search

Check out the Demo video of Find That File below.

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