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feed mingleFeedMingle is an easy way to put all your feeds together in a single RSS feed. Web developers and designers who want a fast way to put several online publications in a single feed can take advantage of this web application. Aside from the fact that FeedMingle’s primary function is to merge feeds together, you can also use it as a RSS/Atom to JSON converter, RSS/Atom to widget generator, RSS to Atom or Atom to RSS Converter.

This is a great tool if you want to publish several blogs in another website or publish blog feeds along with your Twitter feeds. You can also use FeedMingle to merge Twitter accounts and get feeds from both users and publish them somewhere else.

The application does not require you to sign up for an account. You can immediately start merging or creating feeds as soon as you land on FeedMingle’s page. Just place the feeds you want to merge (on for each line) on the text box provided, name your merged feed, and hit the “mingle now” button. Your new feed will be given a unique URL for each of the feed formats. The widget code is also provided on the same page which allows you to do a bit of styling to fit your preference.

The application is very simple yet useful. With it, merging feeds is just a snap. It doesn’t require you to learn any coding whatsoever. Just fire away and merge those feeds.

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