FactBook: Get Basic Information About Any Country Fast

factbookFactBook is a service that lets you find general information about different countries. You can search the site using text input or filter by region. This is a great resource for folks that are doing research about a particular country. Users can also make comparisons between two countries using the site and go directly to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) page of the country that you are viewing.

You can quickly find out which countries speak English or which ones use Hydropower. The site also lists the population of each country and other basic information that will help you on learning more about a certain country.

FactBook is a great alternative or addition to Wikipedia or Google (or other search engines) if you are doing research about different countries. You can always Google a country or search Wikipedia for more information, but FactBook is where you should go if you want straight hard facts fast. If you like reading about different countries for travel or research purposes, FactBook is worth a bookmark.


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