DropDo: A Minimalist File Sharing Service

DropDo is a minimal and easy to use file sharing service that lets you upload files with up to 25MB in size. Talk about minimal. However, the great thing about this particular file sharing service, is that aside from the usual file sharing feature that allows you to send the uploaded file links to your friends, you can also view the files without actually downloading them first.

You can share images, document files, codes, PDF, Audios, videos and Markdowns on DropDo. Even if the 25MB limit is a bit low for file sharing, and the security is not that great on straightforward sharing services, DropDo is still useful in forwarding documents that does not require any security whatsoever. The online file viewing makes it more convenient, if not faster, to share than other services with similar functions.

Dropdo is most useful when sharing music and short videos with your friends.


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