CrowdEye: A Real-Time Social Search Engine

crowdeyeWith the popularity of social media sites and the power of real time data sharing, it is no to surprise that search engines will evolve to do real time searches. Crowdeye is one of those new generations of search engine that takes advantage of the power of social media networks which Twitter in this case. If Google is not enough, try a real time search.

Real Time…Social..Search… That’s what those of us at CrowdEye are obsessed with. The internet has been evolving for years into a place where information flows quicker and quicker. Now it is becoming increasingly possible to tap into that stream of bits and bytes and use it to draw conclusions and make informed decisions based on the “wisdom of the crowds”.

Crowdeye tracks Twitter discussions and has created innovative technology to scan tweets, retweets, twitter links and more. The aim to provide you with powerful yet easy ways to slice, dice summarize and categorize the data to answer your questions and help you find what you are looking for.

The search engine’s priority is the most recent 72 hours of data which is believed to be the most actionable and interesting. You can expect to get fresh data from Crowdeye as they are shared and become popular on the Twitterverse.

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