ChirBit: Micro Podcasting Tool

chirbitChirbit is a simple audio sharing tool that gives you the Twitter feel. The only difference is that instead of sharing snippets of text to your followers, you get to share audio files and recordings. Chirbit enables you to record, upload, listen, and share sound bites easily.

How long can a chirbit be?

You can record as long as you like. There is no 12 second limit. Then why is it called a Micro-Podcasting site? Maybe because it gives you the Twitter feeling when using it.

Chirbit can be used for Micropodcasts, Confessions, Jokes, Sound Effects, Apologies, Quotes, Music, Branching Fiction, etc. What is branching fiction? It is like a literary Exquisite corpse or like a choose your own adventure created by you and your friends. One person starts the story with a seed sentence and the next user continues it with the next sentence.

To start using Chirbit, all you need is a microphone for recording or an audio file (MP3, Wav) to upload. Of course, you’ll need to sign up for an account first. Don’t worry, the service is totally free and you can join the micro-podcasting community anytime. Chirbit also allows you to post your podcasts on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and RSS Feeds.

*You can also use iPhone Voice Memos to post to Chirbit. This feature is still on private beta. If you want to try it, contact the Chirbit team to gain access to the feature.

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