BuddyFuse Integrates Twitter and Google Talk into Windows Live Messenger

BuddyFuseBuddyFuse is a tool that you can download to enhance your Windows Live Messenger by integrating Twitter and Google Talk into it. If you are generally a Windows Messenger user, you’ll find the enhancement quite convenient. You’ll be able to see your Google Talk contacts and update your Twitter account through your Live Messenger.

To use the tool, simply download the enhancement (exe file) and install it on your Windows powered machine. The next step is to associate your Google Talk and Twitter account with your Windows Live Messenger. Once logged-in, you can chat with your Google Talk contacts and make Twitter updates without accessing their browser based apps.

Buddy Fuse is an alternative way of integrating several chat service and social networking sites into a single chat client. The tool only supports Google Talk and Twitter as of this moment. Hopefully, it will support other chat networks such as Yahoo and Facebook in the future.

Watch the demo video below

You can also use other alternative software that let you access several chat services and social networks into a single chat client. I use Pidgin to access several Google accounts together with Yahoo accounts. I also use to get Plurk and Twitter updates. There’s also Digsby and other multi-protocol chat clients that you can use.

buddy fuse msn enhancement

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