Blu-ray Vs. HD-DVD: Blu-ray Wins

The big question on who will win the format wars have been going on for quite some time. Today, that question might have been already answered.

HD-DVD recently took a serious blow yesterday when Warner announced that the company will be doing Blu-ray dics exclusively. Warner used to support both Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats before the announcement which forced the HD-DVD group to cancel its CES (Consumer Electronics Show) press conference.

Engadget :

Toshiba, masters of the HD DVD format, just issued a press release expressing their “particular disappointment” with Warner, also implying that the move to go Blu-ray exclusive is actually in breach of contract. The particularly depressing release is also posted after the break.


Warner’s move leaves only Paramount and Universal squarely in the HD DVD camp. Sony, Fox, Disney and Lionsgate all back Blu-ray. Warner sister company New Line confirmed it will shift allegiance to Blu-ray only as well.

I don’t know how the HD-DVD group can recover from this major setback. Will they call it quits and give in to Blu-ray or make a firm stand and suffer a slow death?

You can read the full and detailed article here.

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