BlockChalk: Post Anonymous Messages on your Neighborhood

BlockChalk is an iPhone app that lets you your phone to leave anonymous messages on your neighborhood and see what your neighbors are saying.

You can use the app to ask, answer, praise, gripe, report, prevent, borrow, trade, and much more. It’s easy and free: you don’t even have to sign up.

Apps like BlockChalk have the potential to become a powerful social media tool. However, its potential can only be truly reached depending on the community that uses it. Only time will tell how BlockChalk will fare against competitors. Its success will also depend on the community that uses and supports it.

1 Comment on “BlockChalk: Post Anonymous Messages on your Neighborhood

  1. BlockChalk does sound like a powerful tool. i hope it doesn’t get abused though. thanks for posting. btw, you might want to join our Summer giveaway – you can win $50 – just grab our badge.

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