Aurora Update: The Future of Browsing

We covered the first two videos of the Aurora browser concept a while back. It’s a project of Adaptive Path and Mozilla Labs. This is the update on the development of the concept. This is part 3 and 4 of the videos for the future browser concept.

Video 3

This video shows us Aurora’s view on integrating the web with physical environment which is particularly focused for mobile use.

Video 4

It gets more interesting with the gestural interface. It’s like using a browser form the movie Minority Report. It shows how Aurora design would work on a large screen with a gestural interface which uses a camera to interpret the user’s gestures.

Aurora sure does promise a lot of cool things for future browsing. Aurora is super interactive and a real eye candy. What I am particularly interested in right now is the future of websites. From the looks of it, all the pages that they are browsing are full of widgets if not flash based. What will happen to the good old text pages like blogs and wikis? After all, the browser is only as good as the website it is visiting. That being said, Aurora is still a very interesting concept.

You can view the full video without the commentary.

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