Are Micro Projectors the Next Big Thing?

Micro Projector’s are said to be the new must have gadget but they haven’t been here all that long – there’s been a rumble in the gadget market in the last 12 months, almost out of no-where small handheld projectors started to be released, starting with the 3M Mpro which was swiftly followed by a number of other manufacturers such as Optima and WowWee. They have been a long time in the making, with 10 years of miniturising and compacting the technology and other developments such as brighter, better lasting LED’s, smaller memory and video processors but finally a product that is capable of producing projected images of up to 40+ inch’s on any near-by wall is now available in the palm of your hand, quite literally.

Now there are a number of micro projectors in the market the producers are starting to look at other ways to improve the new gadget phenomenon (other than improving resolution, contrast ratio etc.) and as a result the latest microprojector development is that the newest range of Nikon Coolpix camera’s includes several with embedded micro projectors, capable of displaying the images you have taken on any surface! This sudden burst of activity within microprojectors makes them look set to take the mainstream technology market by storm, look out for them this christmas in gadget shops and electronics retailers!

A guest post by Dave @ Micro Projector 5

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