Lapinator Insulated Laptop Desk

Need a laptop desk that keeps your lap cool and your laptop cooler? Forget the overheating and roasted feeling on your legs after half an hour of working with your lappy. Now comes The Lapinator which uses Thinsulate insulation as the main barrier to the heat generated by laptop computers. This keeps your laptop cooler as well as your lap and lets you use your lappy comfortably. The fact that it can reduce the CPU temperature by 11 degrees more than the same laptop running on a wooden desk makes it worth picking.

The design features a rigid platform, flexible edges, compressible legs and its slim profile allows you to easily slip the Lapinator into your bag. Three rubber spacers are included and can be positioned on the Lapinator to perfectly accommodate your laptop. There is a small velcro loop on the rear of the Lapinator to help secure any dangling cables.

Perfect anytime, anywhere at a reasonable price, for only $25.

  • Thinsulate™ blocks 95% of laptop Heat!
  • Only 11 ounces
  • Keeps your laptop cooler
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Ergonomic – helps prevent CTS
  • Slips into your laptop bag
  • Dimensions: 13″ x 12″ x 1″


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