Save the Developers Movement! Ditch Internet Explorer 6

save-the-developers.jpgThis is a call for help from web developers and programmers who are taking more effort and time in developing a web app or site just to make sure that it works on an outdated browser. I use Firefox and Opera browsers so I didn’t bother upgrading my IE to a newer version. When I tested this site in IE6, I found out that some of my png images are being displayed with black borders instead of the transparent borders blending with the background which is just one of the downside of using IE6 (didn’t get the chance to test in a lower version).

This campaign will result in former IE 6 users having a more enjoyable experience on the web while creating a less stressful and complicated environment for web developers by hastening the retirement of Internet Explorer 6. If this happens, maybe beta testing of certain web apps and services will be shorter and can be available to the public faster. Although, there are still a lot of people who are not too fond of this campaign, they feel that developers should do their job in making their apps and websites to work properly on IE 6 and other reasons are work related which makes them unable to upgrade their browsers (some are still using IE5).


Web developers and owners who wants to support the movement can grab a script from and put it in their websites which will detect if a visitor is using an outmoded browser. When and if IE6 is detected, it will display a pop-down window(like the image above) which will direct the user to a page where they can upgrade to IE7 or use other browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, Camino or Flock.

4 Comments on “Save the Developers Movement! Ditch Internet Explorer 6

  1. We find that we have to program our site for Firefox and then tweak it to make it work in Explorer (all versions) and then go back and make sure the tweaks still work in all the other browsers.

    It’s a pain in the ass to be honest.

    That’s a royal “we” as I believe there are hamsters in a wheel behind the screen making it all work.

  2. My problem is I have one PC that just has problems with IE7 but I use Firefox 99% of the time anyway so not really a problem. Maybe Firefox will keep gaining market share and IE will die, never mind just dreaming. Or maybe Microsoft or Google will buy Opera as I suggest in It’s the Browser not the OS anymore, not sure if Opera is a problem for developers or not. But my guess is Opera may become a bigger player than they are currently.

  3. In an ideal world, yes, I’d love to see the back of IE6. Unfortunately, the point that a lot of people seem to miss is that IE7 only works on Windows XP SP2 and above. Previous versions of Windows cannot use IE7.

    I’d love to see people upgrade their old computers as well as IE6 – it would solve both problems in one go – but going to IE7 is not even an option if you’re on an old version of Windows. And using a totally different browser is way beyond many of these people.

    It doesn’t help that Microsoft has made IE7 an OPTIONAL update. If you have Automatic Updates turned on, you get IE7 as an option. You can quite easily say no. I’m sure there are people who consider IE6 to be working fine for them and they just ignore the update.

    “Save the developers” will not wash with non-technical people. Believe me. Approaching it from the angle of security is more likely to work, I reckon.

  4. Im not sure how many webdesigneres are ditching support for IE6 yet, but i’ve done it the moment IE7 saw the light of day, no questions asked, its a broken and outdated browser.

    There is no valid reasons to support older versions of the many different browsers, let alone IE6, however there are many valid reasons your users should upgrade.

    I cant really be bothered by people running an older version of windows, even they got alternatives such as firefox, opera, or safari.

    IE7 on the other hand, well thats easier to deal with at the moment, so it would take some consideration before i ditched support for IE7.

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