Merry Christmas From Orangeinks

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Instead of just greeting you today a Happy Christmas, I added a few things that you can do this Christmas to add a bit of online fun to the holidays.

  • If there is someone you forgot to send a greeting card this Christmas, send him/her a YouTube greeting card (or any online greeting card available on the internet). This video is from the YouTube star Marie Digby titled Bring me Love.

This Christmas over 1 million geeks around the globe will sit lonely in their bedrooms, misunderstood and ignored by a cruel world outside. Without “real” friends, they languish unloved in basements, offices and box rooms, hoping without hope for a better life.

How to spot a Geek

• Speaks in monosyllables (if at all)
• Avoids eye contact
• Starts conversations about Battlestar Galactica
• Spends over 12 hours a day at a computer
• Corrects you if you mispronounce “Linux”
• Writes everyday emails in pseudo code
• Has an elaborate adolescent email signature
• Scoffs at inferior technology
• Owns gadgets. Lots of them.

  • Turn family and friend’s photos into dancing elves using ElfYourself.


  • Lastly, just have fun and enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas once again and may you all find true happiness this Christmas and the days to come.

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