April Fools Web

Instead of playing a prank on you all, let’s just have some fun viewing some of the pranks made by other websites. Happy April Fools.

Flipped YouTube

This one is pretty cool. Instead of just rick rolling everyone, you can play a prank and send an inverted version of any YouTube page by adding &flip=1 at the end of any YouTube URL.


gBall from Google Australia

Google announces a football that contains inbuilt GPS and motion sensor systems to monitor the location, force and torque of each kick.

Users can plug in and register their gBall online, using a simple interface. The gBall contains inbuilt GPS and motion sensor systems to monitor the location, force and torque of each kick. The data is interpreted by a new curvilenear parabolic approximation algorithm developed in Google’s Sydney office, known as DENNIS (“Dimensional, Elastic, Non-Linear, Network-Neutral, Inertial Sequencing”), which plots the ball’s trajectory, accuracy and distance.


Warner Brothers acquires PirateBay

After suing the hell out of PirateBay, Warner Brothers decided to acquire PirateBay

“Our community has played a vital role in changing the way that people consume media, creating a new hip culture. By joining forces with Warner Bros, we can benefit from its global reach and technology leadership to deliver a more comprehensive entertainment experience for our users and to create new opportunities for our


SitePoint Announces Internet Reboot

Internet Reboot Today at 11.59UTC

People forget that the Internet has been running continuously since the 1970s. This reboot will provide greater stability for years to come. We’re also hoping it will result in fewer viagra and scam messages.

1. Convert 1 April 11.59am UTC to their local time using a tool such as The World Clock Time Zone Converter.
2. Shut down all Internet applications such as web browsers, email clients, and instant messengers shortly before the reboot.
3. Wait at least a minute before restarting any applications.


Help TechCrunch Michael Arrington find a Wife

To be blunt, we’re looking for your help in finding a wife, or at least a serious girlfriend, for Michael. Or even just a dinner date.

Michael hasn’t had a long term girlfriend in years. About six months after he started TechCrunch in 2005 his then serious girlfriend of four years dumped him hard. Apparently blogging for 20 hours a day doesn’t allow for much personal interaction with a significant other. Even today, a restraining order prohibits Michael from visiting parts of Los Angeles.


Smashing Magazine announces a leaked Internet Explorer 8.1 codenamed Eagle Eyes .


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