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typingwebTypingWeb is a free online typing tutor that you can use to train yourself to type faster. Not only that, you can also have loads of fun while improving your typing skills. Aside from the normal typing courses, you can enjoy different games that are designed to help you type faster and more accurately. You can also engage in typing tests to monitor your overall progress.

TypingWeb learns your most troublesome keys as you type the lessons. Once TypingWeb has learned which keys cause you the most trouble, a custom generated lesson can be accessed for practicing just your top problem keys!

The service is free but if you want access to an ad free account and premium lessons with priority support, you can upgrade your account for just a small fee. If you don’t mind the ads, the free service works just fine and will improve your typing skills just the same. The typing games and “just for fun” games are also free for you to play.

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This is a great place online to train yourself to type better. The games will surely encourage kids to use the service and become more efficient with the keyboard. It also eliminates the need to download typing tutor software and provides better learning experience with its cool web interface making typing lessons much less boring.

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