Twitter Games – Making Twitter More Fun

Here are some Twitter Games to make your (tweeting) day a bit more fun.

@TwitBrain: Train your brain by tweeting the answer to the challenges and earn Respect.

@BeatMyTweet: A word scrambling game. Just reply with your answer. Check out the top players here.

@PlayTwivia : Play trivia by following along and @replying answers! New questions every 4 hours!

@TweetBomb: A sort of a game that features a follower to be bombed by @reply message with no text.

@BattleTweets: This one is still on development and maybe worth watching out for.

@Tweet140: Follow me and I’ll start tracking the length of your tweets. The closer to a 140 character average, the better your score.

WhoseTweet: Not really played on Twitter but it’s about your Twitter Friends. This is a fast-paced game for Twitter junkies. You will be shown 20 random Twitter messages, one at a time, and it will be up to you to click on the user that each one belongs to. When it’s over, you can compare your performance with your friends.

@NameCheap used to host a trivia game on Twitter. Anyone who answers correctly gets a free domain name. Worth watching out for if they’re going to do it again.

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