SteveNote Expo- the game: Play as Steve Jobs


With the MacWorld Keynote only a few hours away, I’m sure all the Apple fans are excited on what Steve Jobs has in store for us this year. Here’s something to keep you occupied while waiting for the news to flood the blogosphere. I’m pretty sure the Apple fans knew about this game, but just in case you haven’t played it yet, maybe you should give it a try. What is interesting about this game is the way it portray Steve Jobs’ life just before the Keynote. The name of the game is “SteveNote Expo- the game.”

Imagine being Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
Imagine getting ready for this years MacWorld Expo keynote presentation.
Imagine having to collect all the insanely great Mac, iPhone and TV Stuff you are going to present at Macworld Expo without revealing it to industrial spies and journalists.

Try the game that lets you experience what it feels like to be Steve Jobs just before your Keynote presentation.

The flash game is quite short and takes only a few minutes to play and fun too. From what I’ve heard the next version is going to be even better. Apple fan or not, if you like this game already, better watch out for the next one.

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