Mytopia: Inter Social Network Gaming

We all have our favorite social networking site. With so many out there, it’s hard to choose which one works for a particular person with particular social networking need. Third party applications for these social sites are widely available. Some are exclusive and some supports different social networking platforms. An example of apps that supports different social platforms is My Mini Life.


mytopia.jpgMytopia is an online gaming application that supports different social networking sites. It currently supports FaceBook, Bebo and MySpace. What makes the game unique is that instead of playing with your friends in your network, it lets you play with people from other networking sites mentioned above. While logged into MySpace, you can challenge Facebook and Bebo users with a game of poker or with other games available in Mytopia.

There a handful of games that you can play in Mytopia. You can play Video Poker, Backgammon, Bingo, Chess, Dominoes, Sodoku and a few more which are currently unavailable or under construction. The service is still in public beta stage so you can expect a few bugs on the games and unavailable features. Other than that, it is very functional and its ability to let you play with people from different (3 as of now) social networking sites makes it worth checking out.

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